Sean P aka Mr. LYD ( Lead Your Dreams)
Rank #1 | Grand Island, United States

Genre : Hip-hop

Bio : Sean P: Sean P. was born July 19,1988 in Fountain Valley , CA .He is a divorced father of two very handsome boys named Logan and Anthony. He grew up in Garden Grove ,CA for most his childhood . His older brother Denny first introduced him to Tupac at age 9 and he instantly knew he loved hip hop. Although hip hop was one of his favorite genres , his favorite is actually R&B . At the age of 13, Sean lost his father to cancer and it was at that moment he turned to music for a way of coping . At age 14 he moved to the Grand Island ,Ne area. At the age of 16, Sean was rapping at school weather it was the middle of class or lunch break he was rapping . At the age of 23, Sean recorded the first song, he ever wrote and produced, called Stories featuring Dani Rolf. The song became very popular to the locals and he then started finding beats and mastering the art of freestyle . May of 2014, Sean was on stage for the first time at Cunninghams in Kearney ,NE. In June 2014, Sean had ran into Johnny Purzycki aka Unreal, after not seeing him for over a year, and he begun to tell Sean all about MTE Digital Distribution and it peaked his interest. In July 2014, Sean finished his first mixtape Lead Your Dreams and was picked up by MTE and then the legacy began. Sean now owns the Lead Your Dreams name and branched it out to be a movement . While performing every month and getting the fans hype he continues to focus on music . Sean P is a motivational and love song hip hope artist and his reason behind the motivational is because he enjoys seeing people succeed. As far as the love song, he makes those because of his love for R&B. A legacy has been made and will continue to rise above the negativity and be something great.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Sweet Song ft. Bubba Sparxxx & Dell Nice 00:03:30 stream
2 Take Off ft. A.D.B.K 00:03:15 stream
3 Baby 00:04:40 stream
4 Cant Stand The Pain 00:03:36 stream
5 Daddy 00:04:04 stream
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