Jazzobell Deux Band
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Genre : Jazz

Bio : The Birth of Jazzobell Deux-The London Connection The Jazzobell Deux-London Connection offers a truly open jazz lounge vibe with a bit of avant-garde emotion. From performing timeless standards to a set of original, afro-oriented compositions. Since moving to Melbourne,Australia Jazzobell Deux (Andreana Jovanovikj-Micanova together with guitarist and composer Deco Jovanovic ) has teamed up with the London Connection rhythm section, consisting of Danny Seddon on bass and Philippe Castermane on Drums. Both musicians have a long history of accompanying various artists in the UK, such as Andrew Maxwell Morris, John Wheatcroft, Ronan McCullagh amongst others as well as performing for music producers with the likes of Dave Meegan (U2) or Phil Vinall (Placebo). The Beginning The Jazzobell Quintet was Macedonian contemporary jazz band from 2010 to 2015 led by pianist, vocalist and composer Andreana Jovanovikj-Micanova together with guitarist and composer Deco Jovanovic. The quintet underwent frequent personnel changes toward its metamorphosis into a different ensemble in 2014 known as Jazzobell Quintet Deux. Most references pertain to two distinct and relatively stable bands: the Jazzobell Quintet from 2010 to 2013; and the Jazzobell Quintet Deux from late 2013 till early 2015, with Andreana and Deco being the only constant throughout. Jazzobell Quintet ( 2010-14) They preferred straight-ahead jazz and were pretty much influenced by Miles Davis‚??s First and Second Quintet, Keith Jarrett, McCoy Tyner, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. In the summer of 2010,the band assembled their first regular quintet to meet a commitment at a local underground club ‚??Agora‚?Ě in Kumanovo in August with Andreana Jovanovikj-Micanova on piano and vocals, Deco Jovanovic on guitar, Igor Velickovski-Rudess on alto saxophone, Antonio Risteski on bass and Joce Panev Arre on drums. Their pure young energy was easily spread in the east part of Macedonia , where all the band member attended the jazz academy. At the recommendation of one local theatre director, this band took part in a theatre show as a live backround music. In the same year Andreana Jovanovikj-Micanova, the bandleader, was invited to open the second night at the ‚??Astibo Jazz Festival 2010‚?Ě in May as Micanova Trio with Kire Denov on bass and Joce Arre on drums. She was introduced as ‚??The First Jazz Lady‚?Ě to open the jazz fest by very well known Macedonian guitarist, arranger and composer Toni Kitanovski. Jazzobell Quintet‚??s first ‚?Ěbaby cd‚?Ě recording ‚?? was Jazzobell Quintet Live at Dom na Mladi‚?Ě released in the winter of 2011,with an astonishing performance to be mentioned on ‚??All Blues‚?Ě and ‚??Milestones‚?Ě composed by the legendary Miles Davis. In the same year they were invited to organize a tribute concert for the international day of Jazz on April,30th. In early 2012 Bobby Walker(Fierce) replaced Igor Velickovski-Rudess on saxophone, beginning a partnership that would last for two years and finalizing the Quintet‚??s first line-up. As one of their notable performances, surely was the concert in the north-east of Macedonia as part of City of Culture programme, summer 2013 on open air. By the folowing autumn, Viktor Filipovski(Fierce) replaced Joce Panev- Arre on drums and he was part of the band until 2014. The Birth of Jazzobell Quintet Deux By the early January, Jazzobell Quintet changed the complete rhythm section and eventually changed the band‚??s name into Jazzobell Quintet Deux, as something new but with an old root, some brand new energy to take Andreana and Deco's ideas on a new level. Goran Kavrakov on alto saxophone, Boro Sopov on bass and Filip Krstevski on drums, all joined the Quintet‚??s new philosophy in the language of jazz. Kavrakov was mentored by legendary jazz saxophonist Goce Micanov, referred as one of his best students ever,and also part of a famous Macedonian pop-rock group "NOKAUT".Sopov is one of a kind jazz bassist.He finished jazz music at the jazz academy in Bulgaria, and also played with different rock,pop,fusion groups around Macedonia. Krstevski, one passionate drummer and percussionist becomes a proud member of the band's new line-up,also member of Macedonian group Chalgija Sound System. The performance style of Jazzobell Quintet Deux was often referred as more jazz fusion , jazz funk with incorporating elements of avant-garde jazz. From the start, this band took the unusual and innovative approach of abandoning the traditional "soloist/accompaniment" demarcation of straight-ahead jazz (as in Jazzobell‚?? first line-up) and instead featuring opportunities for continuous improvisation by every member of the band. Initially, the band‚??s sound featured a free, extended improvisational method and also groove-oriented and pre-structured music, very much influenced by jazz greats such as John Scofield, Kenny Garrett, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Esperanza Spalding and many more. Jazzobell Quintet Deux didn‚??t struggle to find their own ‚??sound‚?Ě with the new members, and weeks of performances have folowed around the country. Jazz bar ‚??Mr. Jones‚?Ě, Caf?? Bar ‚??Agora‚?Ě, Jazz club ‚??Take Five‚?Ě, club ‚??Camarite‚?Ě and further gigs in ‚??Hammam Jazz bar‚?Ě in Prishtina, Kosovo were scheduled on the Quintet‚??s calendar. On March 2nd Jazzobell Quintet Deux had the privilege to took part of the first ‚??Porta Jazz Festival 2014‚?Ě in Bitola, with the renowned Macedonian jazz scene. The festival was officially opened by Oliver Belopeta, Macedonian jazz promoter and director of Skopje Jazz Festival with famous jazz guitarist Toni Kitanovski (Deco's teacher), Cuban percussionist Oscar Salas and American saxophonist Dave Wilson who performed the first night ,altogether with drummer Alek Sekulovski, guitarist Saso Popovski, and bassist Oliver Josifovski who closed the festival. Jazzobell Quintet (2010-14) ‚?? Andreana Jovanovikj- Micanova - piano and vocals ‚?? Deco Jovanovic - guitar ‚?? Igor Velickovski ‚?? alto/tenor saxophone ‚?? Bobby Walker - alto/tenor saxophone ‚?? Antonio Risteski - bass / double bass ‚?? Joce Panev Arre - drums ‚?? Viktor Filipovski - drums Jazzobell Quintet Deux (2014-2015) ‚?? Andreana Jovanovikj-Micanova - piano and vocals ‚?? Dejan Jovanovikj - guitar ‚?? Goran Kavrakov - alto/tenor saxophone ‚?? Boro Sopov - bass ‚?? Filip Krstevski ‚?? drums


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1 Jazzobell Deux - Feather Stones 00:07:13 stream
2 Jazzobell Deux - This cant be love 00:05:15 stream
3 Jazzobell Deux - Walkin through Mozambique 00:04:54 stream
4 Jazzobell Quintet - Fever 00:07:11 stream
5 Jazzobell Quintet - Serve Somebody 00:06:46 stream
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