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Bio : Being a part of Cashtime Fam's 1st single, 'Number 1' feat. Molly, FabFutur3, who was then known as AbyFab, went on tour with the crew in 2011 sharing the stage with the likes of Teargas, Liquideep, HHP, L-Tido, AKA, Pro, Red Button, Kwesta, JR and so the list goes on… Fast forwarding to the time FabFutur3 was no longer with Cashtime, FabFutur3 dropped his 1st official solo single, "Ngiyak’Khuza Boy" featuring Devour off of his debut project, titled I.M.E- IN MY ELEMENT. The project was star-studded with features such as Kay-E, Maraza, Hydro, Drenko, Mshoza and producers such as Shluda The Guru, B.maOnDaBeat, Pollack DaMagician, 3Kings & MX dafreshPrince. The project dropped in the 1st half of 2012(May 4th). FabFutur3 went as far as proclaiming himself as the country's REMIX KING...... And THE MOST UNPREDICTABLE RAPPER ON LAND!!!! Only time will tell. NOW.... Let's take it BACK to where it ALL BEGAN...  Before the acknowledgement of his talent with words, Abraham Moletsane Rampai, better known as FabFutur3, was more familiar with the poetic side of the artistry of rhythm & rhyme, until a classmate introduced him to Rap & Hip-Hop.  At that time, year 2000, he was influenced by the likes of Method Man, Red Man, Busta Rhymes, Eminem etc…  Hailing from Daveyton, a small township in the East of Johannesburg in Gauteng, FabFutur3 yearned to make the world hear what he had crafted himself into throughout the three years of writing Hip-Hop & Rap lyrics.  The ambitious young rapper went into studio to record his 1st official track titled "Outcast" in 2003. The track was inspired by his bad experience with underground rappers at cypher sessions;  FabFutur3 took his only track on record as far as performing it at the 'Hip-Hop Touch-Base Tour' back home in Daveyton, sharing the stage with the legendary HHP.  FabFutur3 proceeded to becoming a member of a 6-man crew called Blaq Blood Cells, based in his hometown, Daveyton, in 2004.  Failing to make the crew work, FabFutur3 then formed a new crew with 2 vocalists and named it Soulid, in 2005, proving to be the most successful crew he had ever been a part of. The crew earned themselves a recording deal with 'Emphaya Records' in that same year, co-owned by Dj Shluda The Guru & Yfm's Dj Tholi B.  In 2006 the crew was playlisted on YFM with their 1st single, 'How we do it,' then Dj Dino Bravo added Soulid’s track, 'Got'em singing,' to his 2006 compilation ‘Bravomania.’  Without an album out as yet, Soulid made it as far as the #2 spot on the Metro FM top 40 charts, in 2007, with their 2nd single, 'Ngiyak'funa.'  2007 proved to be a very productive year for FabFutur3 & SouliD, as they went on a country-wide tour with Ghetto Ruff, followed by the Zola7 Tour, the Yfm Kasi Tour & FabFutur3 individually performing at the 'Keith Murray Show' with Mr.NK, who featured him on his debut album, 'Amamboweni,' sharing the stage with the likes of USA's Keith Murray, Jozi, Jub-Jub, Teargas, Maggz, Pro, Morafe, Tuks, HHP, just to name a few.  2008 was a very quiet year until FabFutur3 remixed 'Amilli' by Lil Wayne, which became the biggest song on mobile phones and started a trend in SA, of remixing international hits as seen today. This earned the Rapper, Teargas' awareness of his existence. The buzz around the Remix lasted till 2010 and that earned FabFutur3 a slot in the ‘World Cup's Fan Park Performers' list,’ called up by TS RECORDS.  In the same year, FabFutur3 earned himself a Bencity's 'Best Rap Artist' Award in the East Rand. FabFutur3 then featured in iFani's debut album – I believes in ME, on a track titled "It's my turn". In August of 2010 FabFutur3 got a call up from Ntukza(TEARGAS) to be a part of Cashtime Fam's project, but only ended up featuring on their 1st single, 'Number1.’  Failing to stay a part of Cashtime Fam, FabFutur3 was dismissed and decided to follow a much needed solo career, in May of 2011, after 10 months of working CLOSELY with industry legends, TEARGAS.  The remainder of 2011 came with 15,000 downloads on FabFutur3’s 1st online Mixtape, titled ‘Feature Fridays,’ a guest feature and interview on Dj C-Live’s ‘HIP-HOP POWER NIGHTS’ show on 5fm and a page feature on the Global Issue of HYPE MAGAZINE in December 2011.  2012 took a positive turn when FabFutur3 released his 1st official hard copy mixtape, titled I.M.E – IN MY ELEMENT, where he sold over 1,100 units hand-to-hand, country-wide. That earned him a SAFUA AWARD, of ROLE MODEL OF THE YEAR, back in his hometown Daveyton. That was later followed by the ambitious rapper taking 2nd place in the SPRITE UNCONTAINABLE HIP-HOP BATTLE, that was hosted and judged by USA’s legendary rapper, Talib Kweli, along with SA rapper, Reason.  In that same year, FabFutur3 Established his very own Entertainment entity, by partnering with a friend, William Boifang Beesnaar, and named it BOIFANG GP ENTERTAINMENT.  Raising enough funds from his mixtape sales, FabFutur3 then shot his 1st official solo music video in 2013, to a song from the I.M.E mixtape (‘NGIYAK’KHUZA BOY’), which was play-listed on Chanel O. That was the highlight of his solo career.  As evident as it became that FabFutur3 is capable of pursuing a solo career, that ironically caught the attention of TEARGAS member, Ntukza, yet again. This then lead to the two rappers collaborating on a work-related relationship, which lead to FabFutur3 releasing his BREAK-OUT-SINGLE, ‘IDLOZI’ feat. Ntukza (TEARGAS) & Smashis (Ex Cashtime member) in May of 2014.  Later in that year (December 2014) FabFutur3 played a huge role in assisting his fellow stable-mate, LameBoy Vertex, win a SAFUA AWARD for SONG OF THE YEAR, on a song titled ‘CYADELELA.’  2016 opened with a feature from Dj C-Live, on a song titled ‘AYASHISA AMATEKKIE’ which features FabFutur3 along with LameBoy Vertex. The song is still to be released to the nation.


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