Genre : Country

Bio : I was introduced to music at a very young age. I grew up with 2 older sisters. We all varied 7 years apart in age. And being born in 1968 meant a lot of my first records were hand me downs from the late 50's 60's and 70's. My oldest sister was one of the first female area disc jockeys during the disco era. I became interested in the melodies of music and the intensity of the power and beat of a good song. Which led me to a life in music as a drummer for over 30 years. Within those years, I was introduced to and played many styles of music. Mostly on the heavier rock side. However, what I listen to differed severally from what I played. Though I think having this wide versatile appetite for music, has definitely shaped what I am currently doing in many ways. I'm often asked "What or who do you sound like?" And honestly, I could say a lot of things, but I guess the best way to describe it is a rock rooted, almost folk orientated style, which never strays very far from melodies that I feel hold the songs together. They encapsulate everything I've ever felt, heard, or liked, and sometime disliked as a music listener, performer, and a human being. All my songs are very personal and written from where I am, and what I come from. I like to think there will be something for everyone in my songs. Many have told me they really identify with this song or that. And it's always been interesting to hear how they perceive it through their eyes. So I invite you to check out Eddie Riel Solo Acoustic for yourselves. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I thank you. All I wanted to do was play and be heard.


# Song Title Time Download
1 Blindsided (cover) by Eddie Riel and Lori Riel 00:04:54 stream
2 Blue Eyed Beauty by Neil Smith & Eddie Riel at Easthampton, Massachusetts 00:03:04 stream
3 Drink A Beer (cover) by Eddie Riel and Lori Riel 00:03:44 stream
4 Drunk On A Plane (cover) by Eddie Riel 00:04:16 stream
5 Foot Loose and Fancy Free 00:04:31 stream
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