Subterranean Pink
Rank #1 | Montegiardino, United States

Genre : Rock

Bio : Cary‚??s history in music is very brief. On February 9th, 2013, Cary woke up with song lyrics and music ringing in his head. Having never picked up an instrument, and having no training in music, his wife was shocked to see Cary writing songs that morning. Cary wrote the lyrics for 8 songs that day, but he could not compose the music, because he did not know musical notation of any kind. He learned, though, and with help from the great teachers at MartIn Music, Cary now composes his own music and plays the bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, and the synthesizer. Cary has composed and produced about 50 original pieces of music, including an album of classical music and an album of instrumental music of unknown genre, both composed & produced in Sibelius 7. He has also composed an album with some songs arranged from Garage Band loops. He is releasing Subterranean Pink‚??s first album, Dreamgiven, in August 2014. He and his bandmates are currently working on seven more albums of music written by hand in Cary‚??s own gridded tab-notation form. Cary records all his music in Sub Pink studio, playing each instrument track one at a time. He uses a MacBook Pro & Pro Tools 11 to produce his songs. Cary is originally from Vermont, (where his heart and most of his family and friends still reside), but he has landed in Newark, Ohio after living for a time in San Diego, Berea (KY), Cincinnati, Kalamazoo, and Chattanooga. The other members of the band are shy, though Dianna's friends will be puzzled by this description of her, I'm quite sure! Nagrody 2014 Ohio Music Award for Best Indie Rock Song - No Flats


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